Central Vacuum

Cleaning may not be your favorite activity, but with Techni-Home’s Central Vacuum system, it’ll be a lightweight breeze! You may as well kiss your heavy, noisy, messy vacuum cleaner good-bye, because you’ll be spiffing-up your home with a quiet, allergist-recommend cleaning system. What we have here is the smart way to clean, offering five times more power than upright or canister-style vacuums. Important to note, this system is vented outside, which means complete elimination of all allergens. And because its outside-the-living-area mounted, there will be a significant reduction in noise.

But, if quieter, neater, lighter, healthier and f-a-s-t-e-r aren’t enough for you, how about throwing in ADDED RESALE VALUE?!? In fact, any real estate professional would agree that a central vacuum system can add more value to your home than the cost of the system itself! And it won’t hurt that your home will actually be perceived to be cleaner.

Come see for yourself how our central cleaning system can really brighten-up your home. We’d love to show it to you. But after that, you might need to think about what you’ll do with all your extra time!