Smart Home Integration

 Are you sitting down?   Well, you might want to be, because we think we are going to simply amaze you with what a Smart Home can do for you! Wait until you see the integration technology and design that can enhance your life…home theater entertainment, new millennium security features, rich sounding audio systems, and mood enhancing lighting control – remote controlled… all do-able with any, inexpensive, simple, easy-to-read tablet or smart phone. ‘Want to set the perfect “party” scene with multiple lighting options, music, bubbling fountains or movie viewing? ‘How about the option for sending remote commands to your home before you arrive? The capability is yours, so go ahead and make it happen with your computer, tablet, or even your smart phone!

From initial design to final installation, Techni-Home will be right there with you, assuring complete attention to detail every step of the way. We’ll integrate each component of your custom job, keeping as our priority your input, your ideas, and your personal lifestyle. So whether you choose digital surround sound home theaters, distributed audio for multiple music preferences, surveillance camera systems or voice-command home automation, you will be creating an impressive, life-enhancing environment for your family. Clean, convenient, dependable innovation – from Techni-Home, of course. Who ELSE will move you into the world of tomorrow, TODAY?